Service and Technical Inspection


When it comes to road safety and reliability, one of the impornant elements is the regular service, as well as the annual statutory annual technical inspection certifying the technical condition of the car.

In order for our rental cars to be perfectly serviced and in good condiotion 100%, we "Luxury Cars 07" Ltd. trust our long-term partner Car Service "Karavel 21" Ltd. with whom we are together in our most difficult moments as rent-a-car company for over 8 years.

The car service is one of the best in our capital Sofia and has car mechanics-professionals of the highest level, able to deal with any damage to your car in the shortest possible time. Specialists perform all kinds of repairs on the engine, chassis, brake system nad more. The service has an annual technical inspection point, a station for charging air conditioners and its own roadside assistance.


Some of the services provided:

  • inspection and verification
  • diagnostics
  • auto electronics
  • braking system
  • oil filter, fluids, belts
  • mechanical repairs
  • exhaust system
  • engine
  • suspension
  • air conditioning system
  • electrical system
  • windows and mirrors
  • accessories
  • roadside assistance


For more information and to book an appointment:

tel: 0887-40-95-10

addres: Sofiq, Levski, 104 Konstantin Fotinov Str.

working hours: Monday-Friday / 08:30-17:30