1. Where can I read the full rental conditions?

  • you can read our terms here

2. Where is our office located?

  • near Sofia Airport, at 3a Raicho Nikolov str.


​3. What are the working hours of our office?

  • the working hours of the office are 09:30-19:00 every weekday


​4. Is there an additional charge for renting or returning the car outside working hours?

  • there is no extra charge for renting or returning the car outside of business hours

5. Do you offer delivery to an address/hotel?

  •  we offer delivery to any address or hotel in Sofia, delivery to another city is possible by prior arrangement and fee

6. In which cases is a delivery fee paid?

  • for rent 5+ days delivery is completely free on the territory of Sofia
  • delivery fee is paid when the rent is 3 or 4 days, as well as when delivering a car in another city or town

7. Is it allowed to take the car abroad?

  • it is allowed to take the car to Republic of Greece, only after a preliminary request and approval from us, and there is one-time fee

8. Is there a minimum age and minimum driving experience for renting a car?

  • the minimum age is 23 years and experience not less than 3 years, for cars of High class and 4x4 the minimum age is 25 years and experience not less than 5 years


9. Is there a limit to the mileage of the rented car?

  • there is no mileage restriction when renting a car from us


10. Is the fuel included in the price?

  • the cars offered by us are provided with a full tank and so are returned
  • when returning with missing fuel, the customer pays the missing fuel, as well as a fee of 10 euro
  • refueling of the car is carried out only in the indicated petrol stations: OMW, LUKOIL, ECO PETROLIUM and the receipt must be kept from each refueling


11. Do I have to make a prepayment to book a car online?

  • optional, but we offer the possibility of partial or full prepayment through the reservation system on our website


12. Is it possible to drive with a foreign drivers license?

  • you can drive with a foreign drivers license, which must not have expired or expired during the rental period. In case the Tenant is a foreign citizen, an International drivers license is required, or a legalized translation of the drivers license in case it is issued by a country that has not signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of 08.11.1968y. - as well as the original of the drivers license must be provided. Operator Licenses are not accepted.

13. Is the toll included in the price /vignette/ ?

  • toll-vignette for the Republic of Bulgaria is included in the price


14. Are the cars suitable for winter conditions?

  • all rental cars offered by us are equipped with tires according to the respective season and no additional fee is due for them


15. Are there any discounts for regular customer?

  • all our regular customers receive and enjoy a discount according to the number of reservations made, for the second rental -5%, for the third, fourth and fifth -10%, for the sixth and each subsequent -15%


16. Can I make a reservation for the next day?

  • we recommend that you make the reservation at least 8 hours before renting the car
  • arrival reservations at night are processed during business hours the next day /09:00-19:00/


17. How does the discount code work?

  • at the last step of booking a car, the code is entered and the system automatically recalculates the final amount


18. Is it possible not to get the car reservede by me, but "alternative"?

  • unlike most car rental companies, with us you get exactly the car you booked


19. What insurances are included in the price?

  • Third Party Liability Insurance


20. What is the difference between a child car seat, a child seat and a booster?

  • the difference depends on the weight and age of the children (up to 10kg, 9-18kg, 15-36kg), you can see photos of the different seats in the last step of the reservation


21. What is an ISOFIX child seat?

  • ISOFIX is an international standard that provides the safest and easiest way to properly install a car seat without the use of car seat belts
  • ISOFIX seat hooks are attached to the rings between the backrest and the car seat, this creating a very strong connection between the car chassis and the seat, which in turn provides 70% greater safety than normal car seats


22. Is it paid for more than one driver?

  • there is no charge for more than one driver


23. What are the payment methods for online booking?

  • at the last step of the reservation you have the opportunity to make a payment by debit or credit card, as well as payment by bank transfer


24. What happens after I make a reservation?

  • after a successful reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from us


25. Can changes be made to the reservation?

  • changes to the reservation can be made by calling 0888-777-927 or send an email to


26. Can the dates of the reservation be changed?

  • dates can also be changed, but it is recommended to be 72 hours before the start of the rental period so that you can count on a timely response from us


27. Can I cancel the reservation?

  • a booking that has been confirmed can be canceled up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period at no extra charge
  • if canceled less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period, a fee of 15% of the final rental price will be charged
  • in case of refusal of the reservation by the Landlord, the entire prepaid amount will be refunded


28. If I do not show up at the agreed time and date to pick up the reserved car, will my money be refunded?

  • in case of prepayment, the entire prepaid amount will not be refunded


29. What is the procedure if my flight is changed/canceled?

  • we follow the flight schedules, but you must inform us in advance of the change


30. What should I wear when renting a car?

  • to rent a car you needto bring: ID card/passport and drivers license, valid until the end of the rental period and International drivers license for foreign citizen

31. What is the procedure for renting a car?

  • on the spot will be filled in a rental agreement in duplicate, you will pay the amount of rent and additional extras, if any, as well as the required amount of deposit varying according ot the class of car
  • we will inspect the car for damage and detailed photos will be taken, as well as will be noted in the contract


32. What is a deposit?

  • the deposit is a certain amount of money, which is retained obligatorily when renting the car
  • the amount of the deposit serves as a pledge to cover the cost of repairs in case of damage , lack of fuel, accessories and others.


33. What should I do if I have an accident during the rental?

  • in case of an accident, be sure to call the contact phone number specified in the lease agreement, as well as phone number 112 to inform the competent authorities (Police)


34. How to proceed with a flat tire?

  • for damage to tires, wheels, chassis and windshield, you may be charged extra


35. Can I extend the rental period during the rental?

  • you must inform us as early as possible if you want to extend the rent
  • in case of impossibility to extend the rent of your car due to its entry into a new lease, we will offer you another car with which to extend the rent


36. Do you refund money when returning the car in advance?

  • for rent of 3 and 4 days, we do not refund
  • with a rent of 5+ days we deduct 50% of the rental amount for the remaining period of the contract


37. What happens if I lose the car keys or documents?

  • we have a fee for lost keys and documents of the car, according to the car varies between 200 euros and 250 euros


38. Can I return the car in the absence of an employee?

  • company policy requires that when returning the car, it should be inspected for damage and absences


39. What happens if the car is returned damaged?

  • the tenant is not liable if he has paid "Full Insurance" and has complied with all the terms of the contract and the traffic law